National soups

(Shurva, mastava, mashkhurda, cholop)

There are various types of soups in Uzbekistan. Soups are one of the main food in Uzbek dastarkhan.

Uzbek soups may be fat or light, rich of such vegetables as carrot, beet, onion, greens and various spices.

The popular Uzbek soup is shurva. There are dozens of recipes of shuvpa: “shurva-chaban” – soup with meat, potato, onion and tomato, “shurva-mash” – mutton soup with green gram, “kaurma-shurva” – soup with turnip, potato and carrot, “kiyma-shurva” – soup with meatballs, “sholgom-shurva”- mutton soup with turnip, “kifta-shurva” – soup with meat sausages, pea and other vegetables, and others.Soup

Mastava is also one of the most prepared soups in Uzbek families. It is prepared with rice, potatoes, carrot, meat, onion, oil and different spices. Also not less popular soup is mashkhurda – soup with green gram, rice, potato, which is also dressed with sour milk, greens and onion, and cholop – cold soup with cucumbers, radish, greens and sour milk.